Ken Miki


Ken is a Licensed Master’s Level Social Worker and Certified Kodokan Judo Instructor. He received his MSW from the University of Connecticut, and his B.A
in Ethnic Studies from Brown University.

Prior to joining the Infinity Integrated Counseling team, Ken worked in both a residential setting for young (13-20) assigned female at birth clients as well as a primitive-living model wilderness program for at-risk adolescents. Ken’s more recent residential work primarily involved the facilitation of martial arts therapy groups and individualized skills-based sessions. As both a therapist and a sensei, Ken purposefully promotes holistic healthiness by empowering clients/students to learn independent coping skills and adopt sustainable lifestyle practices. Ken combines his clinical practice wisdom and lifelong study of Martial Zen mindfulness to offer clients, couples, and families a unique therapy experience that adaptively integrates traditional and non-traditional modalities. Ken believes that an emphasis upon the values of cultural competence, inclusion, and an active attunement of the mind-body connection lays the groundwork for the cultivation of vital pathways towards wellness and recovery.

In his free time, Ken loves to train himself and others in the martial arts, study wildlife, watch anime, and go on “Miki Boyz” adventures with his son.

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