Chet Sawicki

Chet J. Sawicki, was born and raised in CT., He is married to Soraya Sawicki, they both founded Infinity Integrated Counseling and Spa Services, LLC, in October 2015, after many months of planning and brainstorming, they decided they wanted to integrate mental health with holistic treatment.

At an early age Chet started a newspaper route, he loved to work, he was only 9 years old when he decided he wanted to own his own business, he worked hard as he grew up, and did all types of different jobs, from tobacco, to catering to mechanics, he did it all, he graduated from New Britain High, and signed up to join the Marines. Chet completed 4 years of active duty, working his way to the ranks of sergeant. Chet returned home and worked for Stanadyne, and then continued to AMR for 22 years. During this time Chet had also started and owned Checkmates, a very successful payroll company.

Mental Health and Holistic treatment is Soraya’s passion, and Holistic treatment is the way to go, natural healing they both believe is the future. Chet believes that empowering individuals to care for their overall wellness will in effect, promote health, happiness and longevity. Individuals must find peace within, and nurture, and pamper themselves. Infinity was created and designed with a vision of inner and outer beauty, we can heal ourselves, only if we truly know ourselves. Chet believes that holistic treatment was the first, and will continue to be a success in the future of healing.

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