Emily Ridenour, JD, LMSW

Psychotherapist, Trauma Informed Practitioner

Emily is a licensed psychotherapist with a background in law and social work. She earned her Juris Doctor from Western New England University. Her legal passions include the protection of human rights and civil liberties, immigration law, domestic violence, divorce mediation and child welfare. Emily completed mediation training that is applicable to legal matters, family therapy and couple’s counseling.

Emily earned her Master’s of Social Work from Springfield College, with specialties in
chronic illness, medical social work, trauma and psychotherapy. Prior to joining Infinity
Integrated Counseling and Holistic Wellness Center, Emily worked as a dialysis social worker
and mental health clinician. Emily is experienced in cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical
behavioral therapy, crisis management, and other therapeutic methodologies to assist in coping with chronic illness, grief, anxiety, depression and trauma.

Since joining Dr. Sawicki’s team, Emily has incorporated holistic wellness and integrative techniques into her practice. She is becoming certified in EMDR, reiki, and trauma informed yoga. Emily is a strong believer in somatic experiencing therapy, and its transformative mind-body-spirit wellness benefits.

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