Darlene Rivera, LMSW

LMSW Psychotherapist

Darlene Rivera is a licensed Master Social Worker for Infinity Integrated Counseling and Holistic Wellness Center LLC. Darlene earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Post University and a Master of Social Work from Fordham University Graduate School of Social Services. As a graduate student at Fordham University, she was inducted into Phi Alpha Honor Society for attaining excellence in scholarship and achievement in social work.

Darlene’s great interest in gaining a deeper understanding of the human mind and behavior influenced her to pursue her undergraduate degree in psychology at Post University where she graduated with honors. As a practitioner in the field of mental health, Darlene’s primary goal is to help people overcome and manage the effects of trauma, relationship problems, substance use disorders and other mental health conditions. Darlene has an extensive clinical background working with vulnerable and at-risk populations experiencing various emotional, social, mental, and economic hardships.

Her therapeutic role consists of providing a broad range of evidenced based treatments including various cognitive and behavioral therapies, MBCT, MI, and MST designed to buffer social and psychological stressors to the individuals, families, and groups she serves within a diverse community context.

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